The Taming of the Shrew

“Keeping up with fashion is ridiculous, not stupid,” Bernard Shaw once said. He is a witty man, of course, but the choice is very so-so. At least nobody wants to look stupid. But what to do in order not to look funny?

Fashion is a capricious and changeable lady. This opinion is not known for how many years, although in ancient times, fashion and kept on sex, and even for a whole century. So far, the new monarch will decide that, for example, he is small in stature, while the court “stylists” will come up with heels for him. And dozens of years passed before the widespread distribution.

In the 20th century, everything became much faster. Each fashion decade was fundamentally different from the previous one. Politics and economics, depressions and wars directly influenced fashion. The style, silhouette and consumption of the fabric changed rapidly, and what is ten years old? Moreover, television appeared in the life of mankind and did not have to wait for months or even years for magazines to find out what they are wearing today.

With the advent of the Internet, the fate of fashionistas has become easier on the one hand – round-the-clock access to information, on the other hand, is more difficult. Dozens of fashion trends and trends appear on the catwalk every season. Fashionable bloggers, u-tubers and influencers order new items in overnight mode and open boxes right in front of amazed fashionistas. Not to drown in the information flow and not to lag behind the Instagram vanity fair is an ultra si task.

The cycle of a large, significant trend in our fast-moving time is not more than seven years. And medium and micro-trends appear and disappear with cosmic speed. The twenty-first century, unlike the twentieth, was not distinguished by a revolution in the fashion world. Absolutely everything that we wear today, once wore. Creativity manifests itself in how exactly this will be connected and stylized.

An individual style came to the fore. If earlier, to be fashionable, it was enough to wear, for example, flared pants in the 70s or a jacket with large shoulder pads in the 80s, now there is no single silhouette. To look modern, it’s not enough just to put on all the existing trends, the number of which is a million. We must learn to choose them correctly, mix between each other and filter out the inappropriate.

In the era of social networks, it is so easy to feel ugly, unfashionable, not like that. To prevent this from happening, you need to clearly know the features of your figure and type of appearance, determine the shapes and colors that are complementary and emphasize individual merits. And then it becomes easy and pleasant to let into your wardrobe only those trends that will make its owner even more beautiful. Then it becomes fearless to say “no” to those new products that are suitable for someone else. It is then that we will manage to look neither stupid nor funny, but fashionable, effective and self-confident.