Our mission is to remove daily headache associated with picking outfits.  We are image consultants who can help with reorganizing your closet and compiling functional, fashionable wardrobe that is congruent with your personal values.  Your dream of having comfortable, flattering, yet stylish outfit for any life occasion can easily come true.

About us

Why are we in love with the capsule wardrobe idea? Because it helps us achieve the following goals:

1. Responsible consumption.  Deliberate outfit selection is proven to prevent random purchasing of unnecessary items. This approach can decrease overconsumption and boost environmental sustainability over time.

2. Smarter management of personal resources such as time and money. In addition to saving money by avoiding over-purchasing, capsule wardrobe can save at least 15 minutes per day or up to 8 hours a month that an individual usually spends on making outfit decisions.

3. Smart solution for the “a million clothes and nothing to wear” syndrome. There is no need for accidental apparel to take up valuable space in your closet. Therefore, arrange your wardrobe in capsules, where each piece of clothing participates in multiple desired looks.